Friday, September 4, 2015

Car Garbage Bag

I received the Car Garbage Bag from Rhino Car Gear through a promotion. 

Product Info:
  • Durable
  • Leakproof (unless you tip it upside down)
  • Attaches to headrest with strap 
  • Capacity is 3 gallons 
  • Made from  high quality 600 D polyester 
  • Velcro close 
  • 9" long, 6" wide, 10" long
Trash, like papers, receipts, or wrappers, tend to build up in my car. I had thought of putting those trashcans in my car, like I've seen on pinterest, but that would take up leg room or possibly tip over. 

Rhino Car Gear's car garbage bag is able to be strapped onto a headrest to stay in place and safe leg room. The strap is a buckle snap type close. You can stretch it out to fit it around your headrest and tighten it to desired position. 
The bag has velcro strips to help hold the bag shut, so the person sitting near the bag doesn't have to stare at the garbage. The bag is easy to open and pops open to a wide opening due to the spring frame. 

The lining in the bag is leakproof, so any liquids like a drink or car sickness is safe to be placed within this bag. As long as you don't tip the bag upside down, it won't leak. 

The strap can hold quite a bit of weight. I had several bottles of gatorade in the trash bag when it wasn't in use and after it had been cleaned. The weight didn't affect the bag at all. It held up well.

The lining is easy to clean with soap and water whenever necessary. 

To empty the trash, just simply unclip the bag from the headrest and dump it into a trash bin or bag. 

Check out this bag on Amazon or Rino Car Gear's site.

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