Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Karmick Hot & Cold Lavender Eye Mask

I received the Karmic Hot and Cold Lavender Eye Mask through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Relieves stress and pain
  • Use hot (microwave for 30 seconds) or cold 
  • Helps to reduce dark circles, puffy eyes, and induces sleep 
  • Helps relieve sinus pain and dry eyes 
  • Lavender aroma 
  • Made with organic flax seeds and french lavender 
  • Blocks out light
The lavender hot and cold eye mask is a wonderful idea to help relieve stress. Using it as a hot or cold type pack helps relieve pain. 

Unfortunately, the lavender scent is way too strong for me. It gives me more of a headache than it does any good. 

Once it's able to air out some or the smell lessens, I can use it. Especially if it's been frozen for awhile. It doesn't smell as strong then. 

The cover of this eye mask is very silky and soft. It's nice to touch and feels well to use. When it's frozen, the eye mask doesn't give that prickly feeling like other ice packs might. This acts as if the ice pack is wrapped in a towel already. It doesn't provide that bite like other freezer packs might. Although, it does not stay cold long nor does it get as cold as normal freezer or ice packs. 

I don't heat up this eye mask. I tried it once and it made the smell stronger than it was before. 

If you have an allergy to perfume or have discomfort with strong smelling items, I wouldn't recommend this product. If you don't have issues with scents, than I would recommend this product to help with relaxation and any headaches or sinus pain. 

Check out this product on Amazon or Karmick's website

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