Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hand Painted Wine Glasses

I received these Hand Painted Wine Glasses by Valentina Paris through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Tall wine glasses
  • Narrow stem
  • Mouth-blown wine glasses
  • Designed in Paris
  • Hand-painted
  • Shape helps enhance red and white wines by allowing them to breathe
  • Each has unique paint and colored design
The first thing I noticed when I took the wine glasses out of their box was how tall they were. These wine glasses are bigger and taller than ones I normally use.

The narrow stem made me a little nervous at first. It doesn't seem as sturdy or durable than other wine glasses I've tried. It's not a glass I would use around kids or pets that could knock it over. The glass seems fragile due to how thin on the stem, base, and the actual cup part.
The glass did have it's imperfections. There were some air bubbles that was in the glass and in the paint. The air bubbles are not that noticeable unless you look closely. They were all fairly small and far apart. For them being mouth blown, I'm not surprised that there's some small air bubbles within the glass. The bubbles don't affect how well the glass can be used. The bubbles are all sealed or deeper in the glass where you don't feel it on either side.

The rim of the glass also has it's issues. It's not fully flat. There are some spots where the rim of the glass dips down. It's hardly noticeable. I didn't notice it until several uses in. I was spinning the cup around when drying it and found that there was a few spots where the rim wasn't even with the rest of the glass. The rim is smooth. There's no sharp edges to the glass, so it's still safe to drink from or use.

The painting, color, and pattern is fun. I love how the wine glasses look. The painting doesn't have any edges or indents that make the wine glass hard to clean. I prefer using soap and water to ensure that the wine glass is fully clean.

I don't like drinking out of these wine glasses because they are so large. They're too beautiful to put away. I prefer using them as decorations, whether to store items like pebbles or flame-less candles.

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