Sunday, August 2, 2015

DownIT Skull Shot Glass

I received the DownIt Skull Shot Glass through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Thick base
  • 1.5oz at eyes, 2.0 oz at brim
  • Hand blown glass
I always thought the designed shot glasses, like the ones with the skull in them, were neat and fun. I hadn't expected the DownIt Skull Shot Glass to be made with a thick glass base. Even at the brim, the glass is thick. 

The thickness of the glass makes me comfortable knowing that the shot glass isn't going to break easily or shatter. I dropped it a few inches onto the counter, not even a scratch or crack formed. The glass is durable.

I found no imperfections with the glass or the skull. It was designed quite well. 

The only issue I found with the DownIt Skull Shot Glass is that the skull part of the shot glass, especially near the teeth, can be hard to clean. There's lots a little indents where dried liquid could get stuck. A clear, runny liquid like vodka wouldn't get too stuck in that area when it dries. Milkier or thicker liquid could be harder to clean. As long as the shot glass is rinsed out while the liquid is still wet, it should be okay and pretty easy to clean.

Check out this shot glass on Amazon.

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