Saturday, August 15, 2015

Dog Training Collar

I received the Dog Training Collar by Cujo Control through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Helps train your dog and maintain it's performance
  • Choose between tone, vibrate or shock
  • Includes: one wireless remote, one collar/receiver, a test light, contact points, and one USB battery charger
  • Range up to 800M LCD white backlight
  • 8 levels of shock and vibration adjustment 
  • One level sound mode
  • Red LED flashing light and sound mode receiver
  • Rechargeable & water-resistant design
  • Works on small, medium, and large dogs
  • Collar ranges in size of 10 inches up to 24 inches
I wasn't sure at first if the dog training collar would actually fit on my dogs or not. They are smaller dogs with little necks. I was pleased to find out that the collar can fit around there necks due to how much the collar can be adjusted in size.

There's two different lengths of contact points for the collar. The one that came on the collar was too large for my dogs. The contact points can be changed out by unscrewing the points and screwing the other size on. Note: I would recommend always keeping a contact point on, otherwise there is a screw that pokes out of the collar that may be bothersome for some dogs. The contact points are more rounded and have no sharp edges to them. 

When I received the training collar, both the remote and the needed charged before they could be used. Once the collar was charged, there was always a red light showing. I couldn't find an on/off button anywhere, so if the collar isn't in use, the battery could still die and need charged again. The remote did have a power button on it. 

The remote was a little complicated to figure out. Reading the instructions on how to operate the remote is something I would encourage others to do. It took me awhile playing with the remote to get  some things figured out. Reading the instructions would have been much quicker and easier to understand than just trying to play with the remote to figure it out. 

My dogs didn't seem to like the shock settings much. They would freak out. Although I had the shock down low, which I tested on myself before I ever put on them. It's not something they're used to. The tone also didn't work well with them. The noise distracted them more than got them to do any training with. I had an easier time just training them using treats and working one-on-one with them. 

The vibration method did work. It got their attention without distracting them or scaring them. It would get the dogs' attentions and make them pay attention for a short while. After a few minutes of working with them using the collar, they'd get too used to it and wouldn't focus anymore. They've always had short attention spans though. 

The main bonus with this collar is that it did help get them to stop barking at times, especially when they were outside.

Check out this training collar on Amazon.

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