Friday, June 5, 2015

Naturalico Rechargeable Electronic Callus Remover

I received Naturalico's Rechargeable Electronic Callus Remover through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Rechargeable (comes with power cord)
  • Comes with replacement head
  • Helps scrape away dead skin
  • Spins a full 360 degrees at speeds of 40 turns per second 
  • LED light to see trouble spots 
I had been wanting to try a electronic callus remover for awhile now. I have trouble spots at the bottom of my heel and below my little toe. No amount of lotion has helped remove those callus or dead skin that tends to build up there. Normal callus removers or files leave my feet feeling raw or don't get rid of much of the dead skin or built up calluses. 

When I received Naturalico's callus remover, I was impressed with what it all came with. Yes, the plug-in is a bit chunky and large, but it does work well and has a long cord to it. The extra head allows you to replace the old one once it's dull. There's a little brush that also helps remove dead skin from the device and helps clean it. 

When charging the device, there is a light at the button that lights up to indicate when it's charging and changes colors once it's done. The device does hold a decent amount of charge. I was able to get several uses out of it before I had to charge it again.

The cover is thin and small. It's easy to pop off or lose it. I wish there would cover would cover more or fit down further, but that would require more materials to make it that way. It's not a priority part of the product. 

The LED light is right below the head of the callus remover. It lights up when in use to help spot any trouble areas or give you more light to be able to see what you're doing.

The head of the callus remover does pop off, so it makes it easy to change and replace it. Although, you can see the electronic wires when you pop off the head. I would not recommend getting this product wet with a lot of water if you can avoid it.

This callus remover worked well to help remove a lot of the dead skin that had built up over time on my problem areas. It left my skin feeling soft and smooth without causing any irritation to the device. It's also easier to clean than any other file or other type of callus remover that I've tried.

Check out Naturalico's callus remover on Amazon.

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