Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Slendertone Ab Flex Gel Pads

I received Replacement Gel Pads for Slendertone Ab Flex through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Replacement gel pads (3 in each set)
  • Helps conduct electrical pulses that target nerves and muscles 
  • Medical grade & FDA approved standards
  • Pads last for 20 to 30 slendertone sessions 
When I first got these replacement pads, I was still using the first pair I had on my Slendertone Ab Flex. I just got it earlier this year. 

When it came time to replace my pads, I got out the replacement ones. The product description says they're suppose to be a no-mess design. Sadly, 1 or 2 of the replacement pads in each pack had the covers over the gel slip, so they were a bit messy. The same thing happened on the original gel pads that came in my Slendertone Ab Flex, so I wasn't too surprised by the mess the gel from the pads could be. 

The gel on the replacement pads I have used have been sticky, yet hold up well. They stick to the ab flex like they're suppose to without moving around, slipping, or falling off. 

The gel pads do help conduct the electrical pulses. I don't notice them all the time, but I hadn't before with the original pads either. How much I feel those electrical pulses depends on if I was working out or what I was doing while using the Slendertone Ab Flex and what setting I had the ab flex on. 

Overall, the replacement pads I've used have worked well, even though they were a little messy.

Check out these replacement pads for Slendertone Ab Flexes on Amazon.

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