Friday, June 5, 2015

Silicon Devices Comfort+ Bluetooth Earphone

I received the Silicone Devices Comfort+ Bluetooth Earphones through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Wireless
  • Different size covers and ear locks
  • Lightweight
  • Clear sound
  • Cancel white noise 
When I first saw this product, I was a little worried about how well it would fit or stay on and in my ears. I tend to be pretty picky with my headphones because I don't like them slipping, falling out, or hurting my ears.

When the product arrived, I was impressed with the carrying case and what all came with the earphones. The case was the perfect size to keep all the parts to the earphones that help provide the customized fit in one place. 

Out of all the earphones I've tried in the past, this earphone set came with the most covers and ear locks. I was surprised at how much you could customize these earphones to ensure you have the most comfortable fit. 

The openings of my ears happens to be pretty small. The earphone set didn't fit the best in my ears. They stuck out a bit. It's not headphones I would where when I'm listening to music while I'm laying down because I tend to turn onto my sides. The ear locks help make sure the earphones stay in place, so these are earphones I'd wear when I'm up and moving.

Charging the earphones is easy. The product includes a USB charging cord, which is similar to the charging cord of an Android phone. The charging cord is short. There are lights to indicate when it's charging and when it's done on the side of the the earphone with the USB port on it. 

There is a green looking button on the earphones that turns them on, so you can connect them to your phone, tablet, or other device. 

The sound quality of these earphones is very good. It's a clear sound. The mic also works very well. When I've called people while wearing these earphones, they were able to hear me clearly without me having to yell or be very loud.

Check out these earphones on Amazon.

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