Sunday, May 10, 2015

Rolling With It 36in Premium EVA Foam Roller

I received the Rolling With It 36" Premium EVA Foam Roller through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • 36" long, 6" around
  • Provides gentle sustained pressure to muscles 
  • Color: Blue
  • Helps with stretching or back therapy 
  • Made with EVA (No chlorine, free of heavy metals, latex, or phenoms
  • EVA is recyclable 
At first, I wasn't sure how well the Rolling With It foam roller would really work. I hadn't used one like it before. 

The foam roller felt hard and heavy duty if you pressed down into it. The surface of the foam roller felt soft. The foam roller seems like it's sturdy and durable. It could withstand the abuse my nieces and nephews brought on to it. 

I didn't use the roller much for working out. I did use it for stretching or rubbing sore muscles. After a 5k walk, it helped massage or rub out some of the soreness in my thighs the next few days. 

I mostly used the foam roller to massage my back after work or before I went to bed. It helped get out some of the knots or sore spots near my shoulder blades and lower back. It also helped crack my back in some spots, nothing major, just some little cracks that helped make my back feel better. 

The 36" Rolling With It foam roller is the perfect size for me. It wasn't too big nor was it too small. It made working on my sore muscles easy and efficiently. 

Check out this foam roller on Amazon.

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