Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Go Away Coffee Mug

I received the Go Away Funny Glass Coffee Mug through a promotion with Got Me Tipsy.

Product Info:
  • 13 oz glass mug
  • Made in the USA
  • Custom imprinted text is dishwasher safe
I wasn't sure how well the mug would be made since it was a glass coffee mug. I'm not used to using glass coffee mugs, most I use is ceramic. Although, I have gotten glassware from Got Me Tipsy before and they were made very well. 

When the package came, the mug was well protected. 

The glass on the coffee mug seemed thick and heavy duty. The rip to the mug was at least 1 cm thick. The handle is also made of glass and is thick and solid. It wasn't hollow. I even shook the coffee mug while holding onto the handle and it withstand that test.There were no chips or imperfections that I could find. The glass mug was very well made. 

The lettering and sayings on the mug are cute. The first line (at the top) says "Go away", then "Not Yet," and at the bottom it says "How can I help you?" It reminds me of my mood in the morning.

I was worried that the glass coffee mug would get hot after awhile with coffee or hot chocolate in it, but it only warmed up the glass slightly. It was still safe to touch. 

It's a very nice sized mug and well made. 

Check it out on Amazon.

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