Thursday, May 28, 2015

Long Exercise Bands

I received Long Exercise Bands by URBNFit through a promotion. 

Product Info:
  • Accessory for workouts, stretching, and rehabilitation 
  • Made with professional grade high quality latex rubber
  • Helps improve fitness ability
  • Light weight 
  • 3 Long bands for different abilities (light, medium, and heavy resistance)
  • Includes 1 door anchor
  • Band length is 5ft 
I've used exercise bands in the past when I worked in a nursing home for stretching and physical therapy before, but I've never actually had any of my own for at home to use. 

The long exercise bands by URBNFit bands are made with a very nice latex rubber. It feels nice to the touch, yet it's also easy to grip and doesn't slip much when using the bands for workouts. They feel durable and could last a long while, even with being an accessory to workouts and rehabilitation. The door anchor makes it easy to catch and hold the edge of the door to help provide a solid surface and a different angle for workouts and stretches. 

The bands are generally light weight and easy to pack, so they can be taken along for traveling or going to the gym. The medium band is slightly heavier than the light band. The heavy band is slightly heavier than the medium band.

When I first started using the bands, I started with the light band, so I could work my way up. There wasn't much resistance there, but it was still enough to provide more of a stretch and work my muscles more than if I hadn't been using the band. I slowly worked my way up to the medium and heavy bands. The medium band is the one I prefer to work with. There's more resistance there than the light band, but not as much as the heavy band.

These bands work great as an accessory for working out, stretching, rehabilitation, and other exercise programs. It helps stretch and build up your muscles. They work great for using them on the legs, hips, back, arms, etc. I usually used them on my arms because I'm weaker there than in my legs and hips.
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