Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Knife Sharpener

I received the Knife Sharpener from Priority Chef through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Creates concave shaped finish 
  • Creates extra sharpness 
  • Ergonomic designed handle 
  • Non-slip base
When I pulled this knife sharpener out of it's box, I was impressed with how well it looked and felted. I really liked the design on it. The knife sharpener seems very durable. The handle was wide and high enough to be able to fit my hand on it comfortably. It allows for a comfortable grip. The non-slip base allows me to put pressure into sharpening the knife without having to worry about the sharpener moving on me and having the knife come back at me on accident. 

This knife sharpener from Priority Chef works in two steps. First, using the Tungsten carbide blades (closest to the handle) should be used for dull knives. 3-4 pulls through these blades helps sharpen the knife and prepare it's shape. Second, the 2 ceramic wheels will help sharpen the knife and create a razor like edge. 

The Tungsten carbide blades alone get the knives sharper than what they had been within a few pulls. The ceramic wheels get the knives very sharp. I was impressed with how well they worked. 

Do avoid sharpening the knives and using this around children or letting them play with it. It could allow them to get hurt if you or they are not careful. 

This knife sharpener is not suitable for serrated or ceramic knives. It could ruin the blades of those knives. 

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