Thursday, April 2, 2015

Dash Mate Vent Mount Holder

I received the Dash Mate / Cell Phone Vent Mount Holder through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Great for Samsung Galaxies and iPhones, and other smartphones
  • Keeps phone at eye level and safe 
  • Works with GPS's
  • Does not fit all vents (Fits those with a thicker bar)
When I first received this vent mount, I wasn't sure if it'd fit with how wide the back part was that gets attached to the vent. It didn't fit on my vent on the thin part of the bars. It'd slip and fall off if it got bumped. 

I tried it on the thicker part of my vents, which is the part that allows you to move the vent from side to side. It fit snug on there and was able to hold the mount in place without moving or wiggling. It didn't close or mess with my vent either. 

The mount is great for if you're using your phone for a GPS. It keeps it at eye level without obstructing the view with your windshield. 

It keeps your phone within reach if you're using it for music or bluetooth. It allows you to press a few quick buttons without having to take your eyes off the road much. 

It allows you to know where your phone is in the vehicle at all times. 

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