Saturday, March 28, 2015

Supernova 300 LED Camping Lantern

I received the Supernova 300 Ultra Bright LED Camping Lantern through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Slow-pulse LED indicator for emergencies 
  • Water resistant 
  • Durable
  • 3 D size batteries
  • Made with plastic
  • Great for camping, hiking, boating, emergencies, recreation, and more

When I got this lantern,  the first thing I noticed when I received this product was that the lantern did not come with D sized batteries. It would have made the package heavy when shipping. I had to buy batteries to try this product.

The cover for where the batteries go could be twisted off, but it's very difficult to line up and get it to stay. It takes several times to try to get it back on. There's also a clip on that cover that one could use to hang up the lantern.

There's one button to turn on the light. its very bright! It can light up a room very well. It can do the same with a tent or outdoors. There's also a handle on the top of the lantern to have it be hung up that way.

The 3 D sized batteries can make the lantern heavy. Make sure to hang it on a sturdy surface, hook, arm, branch, etc.

The top of the lantern can also be taken off to focus the light in a single area. Beware, doing this makes it very bright, so avoid looking at it.

Check out this lantern on amazon.

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