Sunday, April 5, 2015

Andromo App Maker for Android

I received a membership to Andromo App Maker for Android through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Create Android Apps online through Andromo's website 
  • No coding required
  • Choose your own features to be in your app
When I first received this membership to the Andromo's site and service, I was expecting an app maker that was complicated or hard to use. I was surprised at how easy it was after making a few test apps for the fun of it to see what the features were like and how to create it. 

There's a lot of how-to's, guides, and tips about how to use the Andromo service to create an app of your desire. 

There are a ton of features you can choose to make your own app. These features include interactive maps, photo galleries, blogs and news feeds, embedded websites, mobile websites, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, music tracks (you can select your own playlist or certain songs to play on this feature), soundboards, YouTube videos, HTML5 and Javascript codes, etc. 

Some of the features were beyond my knowledge or skills, such as HTML5 or Javascript codes. I'm interested about how those features could do with the Andromo service and how far someone could do with those features. 

I like that you can design the color theme, design, photos, look, etc. of the app. 

If I had more skills with photoshop and illustrator, I could have gone into more details and more customization to the app. For someone who has illustrator, photoshop, HTML and javascript code knowledge, and website creation could use this app as a portfolio builder or a showcase for their work. 

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