Saturday, April 18, 2015

7pcs Makeup Brushes Set by Xtava

I received the 7pcs Makeup Brush Set with Stylish Case from Xtava through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Pieces include: powder brush, foundation brush, kabuki brush, precision eyebrow definer brush, eye shadow base brush, eye shader brush, and lip brush. 
  • Natural and Synthetic bristle blend
  • Helps attract and deposit powdered products with natural fibers
  • Helps absorb and be streak-free with synthetic materials on the bristles 
  • Lightweight wood for brush handles
  • Soft & sturdy clutch case
First thing I noticed with this product is that the picture of what each brush is is on the outside of the box. I love this! I'm not familiar with some of the brushes, so having the picture on the box makes it easier for me to identify them and look up ways to use them. 
The clutch case the brushes came in is soft to the touch, but it feels like it could get oily or dirty easily. I'm afraid it might not be easy to clean. Although, it makes keeping the brushes together and organized a breeze.

The brushes are packaged very well and protected within the case. Many have a plastic wrap over them to keep them clean and together without having the bristles damaged.

Each of the brushes are very soft to the touch, which makes me feel confident that they will be gentle and feel wonderful on my skin. (Which they were each time I used some of them.) I haven't used all of the brushes yet because I don't always wear makeup or the kind of makeup that the brush is designed for.

I have used the eye shadow base, eye shader, foundation, powder, and lip brush so far. Each worked very well. They work as Xtava has described them to. Many of the brushes absorb and deposit makeup with the right amount for me. They don't leave too much or too little on my skin. They also work very nicely to blend the makeup (such as the powder and foundation brush). The lip brush doesn't leave any streaks and helps spread liquid lipstick or gloss evenly. The handles for each brush are lightweight and easy to hold.

The brushes are also very easy to clean and wash out. They dry quickly as well.

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