Monday, February 9, 2015

Shine Whitening

I received the Shine Whitening by J J Ferre through a promotion.

 Product Info:
  • (2) 10cc screw-cap syringes
  • Whitening LED light
  • Retainer case
  • Zero-peroxide formula 

I wasn't sure how well this product would work when I first received it since it has a zero-peroxide formula. I did find that the formula did not cause any irritation to my teeth or gums from using it, which I was very relieved about.

The retainer case is nice and comes with the clear plastic molds to form to your teeth by boiling them. The directions had said to put the formula onto the bottom part of the mold where the outside of your teeth would be located. I felt like the formula wasn't being put on evenly on my teeth or really getting onto my teeth that way. I wasn't seeing any results with it.

I started putting the formula on my teeth, careful to avoid my gums. I started seeing more results that way.

I never left the formula on or the whitening LED light on as long as what was recommended. It wasn't because my teeth were getting sensitive or anything like that. My mouth was just getting sore from having the retainers/molds in and the light on them. Doing it that way took longer for me to see results that what would have been if I did the recommended time.

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