Tuesday, February 10, 2015

iPhone 6 Battery Case by Vaxza

 I received the Vaxza iPhone 6 Battery Case through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Provides 14 extra hours of talk time or 10 hours of browsing time
  • Charges simultaneously alongside your phone
  • Uses lightning cable (like androids
  • Comes with 2 bumper frames (black and clear
  • Audio jack extender
  • Compatible with iOS 8 and future upgrades
  • Hard shell to protect phone
  • Slim case
  • LED lights indicate power (on back of case
When I opened up the package with the phone case inside, the first thing I noticed was how light this battery case was and how slim. It doesn't make the case bulky or inconvenient to have. 

I noticed that the case has to be charged by a lightning cable, much like one uses for android phones. It is some what a pain to have two different types of cords around to deal with. 

The blue LED lights to indicate the battery level is nice to have. I noticed it had an auto-shut off, that if it wasn't charging or there was a full charge, the battery case would shut off and stop charging the device. 

The audio jack extender is nice to have because some of my headphone cords were too short to fit into the audio jack area with the case on. The extender helped with that. 

The only issues I really had with the case were:

1. That it was hard to take a part. I had to use a coin, which can be nice because it won't easily snap off if the phone gets dropped with the case on it.

2. It used a lightning cord like Android phones, rather than apple phones like it's for.

3. The clear bumper seemed very cheap or breakable. It bent very easily. The black one held up much better and didn't seem like it'd break on me.

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