Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Diamond Collection eBook

I received The Diamond Collection by Shimrit Hilel ebook through a promotion.

This book has it's up and downs, more good than bad. The settings were well described and painted a vivid image in the reader's minds. The characters were also very interesting to read about.

Ella Cohen and her mother provide what they can for one another while living in debt. After Ella's father passed away, the bills and debt collections started pilling up.

Ella wants a change, a better life for her and her mom. She's able to get a job as a secretary at Israel's Diamond Exchange.

Ella's boss, Danny Lerman, helps introduce Ella into the diamond industry and what comes with it, aka the money. Ella becomes intrigued by more than just the diamond industry. She desires her boss, Danny, but there's complications. Danny is married to another partner at the office.

Danny guides Ella along her travels to New York, London, and her own heart. Ella's falling for Danny, but trouble soon shakes up Ella's happy little world.

With money comes trouble. Ella came to close to knowing about secret activity happening at the Diamond Exchange. Now someone is targeting her. Her mother stays by her side, even after Ella is accused of stealing diamonds.

Will Ella be able to prove her innocents? Will Ella and Danny be able to patch things up? Or will someone else steal her heart?

The romance story was interesting to read with a twist at the end I had not expected.

There were a few parts of the story that threw me off. For example, at one point when Danny is there with Ella at their apartment, Danny upsets Ella. Ella goes to leave, takes her keys, and drives home, but how does one drive home after their only car has been blown up earlier that day? 

Another issue I had with the story was that the settings could be described in too much detail. There wasn't enough dialect for me to keep interest at some parts. There were long paragraphs describing the setting or what was going on. Normally, I can't keep interest in a story without more dialect. Grant this is only my opinion and others may really enjoy stories that are very detailed.

Overall, the story was very good and well written during most parts.

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