Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Gaffer Power

I received the Gaffer Power tape through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Premium Grade Gaffer Tape
  • No sticky residue left behind
  • Powerful stick
  • 30 Yards
  • 2" width 
  • Easy to tear
  • Water Proof 

First off, they're not kidding about the "power" part. This tape is very sticky and stays stuck. Trying to get the tape out of the package was a struggle. The plastic wrapping wanted to keep sticking to the tape due to the sticky edges.

The sticky power makes this tape great for industrial uses or even taping down those cords to avoid tripping over them or having a dog chew on them (yep, that's my problem at home).

The amount of time of played with the tape, it never left any sticky residue on my hands or other surfaces. I even tried getting it wet; it didn't lose much of it's stickiness.

It cuts easily or can be ripped, which makes it easy to get the size of strip you want.

I never heard of Gaffer Tape before this promotion. It may not be as pretty as my colorful, designed duct tape, but it works and sticks much better.

Check out this tape on amazon

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