Thursday, December 25, 2014

Bella & Bear Tweezers & Brush

The Pluckers
I received the Bella and Bear tweezer set "The Pluckers" through a promotion.

I enjoyed this tweezer set. 

The packaging and tweezers were a lovely color and design. They were fun, artsy, and feminine.

More importantly, the tweezer set worked great. Each tweezer in the set had it's edges line up perfectly, which allowed the tweezers to grab the hair, splinters, in-grown hair, etc, with ease. 

The Flat or Straight tweezers work great for hair removal. The slant tweezers are great for hair removal or splinter removal. The pointed tweezers are excellent for precision use of ingrown hair, single hairs, or splinters. 

The tweezers weren't too heavy, but they weren't cheapo or poorly made tweezers either. They were a nice quality for their price and value.

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Brush on You Set
I received the Bella and Bear brush set "Brush on You Set" through the same promotion as the tweezers.

One of the brushes in the set I enjoyed, the other was poor quality. 

The bigger brush was hollowed on the inside and seemed like it was made of plastic. It was like a doll brush, not a brush for a person's hair. It works great if your hair is already brushed through and tangle free. Otherwise, it pulls and yanks on your hair, not fun. 

On the other hand, the smaller, flat brush (the comb) works great for detangling and brushing through wet hair. It's thicker and more heavy duty than the other brush. The combs are bigger with more space in between to make it easy to glide through wet hair. 
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