Saturday, September 27, 2014

Thirty Scary Tales (ebook)

Thirty Scary Tales (ebook)

 I received this ebook as a promotional item on Tomoson.

When I first saw this book was up for promotion, I applied right away. I was so excited when I got approved. This book wasn’t as scary as I thought it’d be, but I loved that it was made up of short stories that the author had created based on real life experiences with a twist.

The stories had real life experiences with an added creepy or scary twist that many people have had their imagination scare them with. I loved how relate-able these stories were. I’ve had my imagination run wild and think of similar scary moments or ideas like some of these stories had.

Some of my favorites include:
Scruples - Alditha and John are at the house where John works. A terrible storm is brewing. John wants Alditha to tie him up and steal the riches. Then together, once John is free, they’ll be rich. The house splits due to the storm and being on a cliff. John is in trouble and wants Alditha’s help. Alditha has other plans. (I loved this one because of how this could truly happen. It wasn’t Alditha’s behavior that creeped me out. It’s the fact that the house was on a cliff, it split, and part of the house went into the water. Houses on cliffs have had that issue before during storms. Perhaps I’m just weird and have a fear of houses on cliffs.)

Through the Tunnel - Allie had her boyfriend leave her at a train station. A young man, Steve, comes asking if the train has left yet, but there’s no train on the weekends. They decide to take a short cut into the next town by going through the tunnel. When Allie gets to the pub in the other town, she finds out who Steve really is. (I love reading ghost stories, but this one had a nice twist. Still, who would want to go in a dark tunnel in the middle of the night. Creepy!)

Black Karma - The main character, who has Hindu beliefs, is being followed by a black, stray dog. The dog looks scary, but hasn’t tried harming her. After a few nights of being followed, she finds out who or what the dog truly is and it’s intentions. (I love ready stories about other religions if they’re written well. This one had a very pleasing twist with the Hindu belief of reincarnation based on how the person behaved in that lifetime.)

Four Bony Hands - Estelle is practices wiccan and has recently come across a little boy and girl in the forest. They have run away from home, so Estelle takes them in to take care of them for the night. The boy believes she’s a witch based on what he’s seen on tv or in movies. The boy and girl try to protect themselves from Estelle, even though Estelle is only try to help them. (I love that this story is a different point of view on Hansel and Gretel. Many people know the story of Hansel and Gretel. This story basically shows that just because we have heard of Hansel and Gretel’s version of the story, it doesn’t mean that it’s 100% what truly happened.)

I couldn’t sit down and read this book all in one go, but it was a book that I kept wanting to go back to to read a few more stories out of it. There were many of the stories that I wanted to go on, to know what happened to the characters or how the story could continue.

Check it out on Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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