Friday, June 10, 2016

Ohuhu Hair Rollers

I received the Ohuhu Bendy Hair Rollers through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • 42 Pieces
  • Various sizes
  • No heat needed
  • Flexible 
These bendy hair rollers work better than I expected them to. 

The set has 42 various sized rollers. They cant different styles or sizes of curls. The amount of hair placed on each roller can also change the look of the curls. 

The rollers work best when put in wet hair and the hair is allowed to dry with the rollers in. No heat is needed to do so. 

When the rollers are in, hair can look a mess or funny. If the rollers are not bent in half where the hair is, the roller can slip from the original place it's rolled up to. 

The rollers are very flexible. They're lightweight, but not comfortable enough to sleep in. 

Taking the rollers out takes less time than putting them in. Hair spray may be needed to get the curls to keep. 

The rollers can create bouncy and wavy curls. I prefer using the smaller rollers, although it takes more to do all my hair. 

- Flexible
- Lightweight
- No heat needed
- Various sizes

- Can take awhile if no heat is used
- Uncomfortable to sleep in
- Can slip from where it's originally rolled up to

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