Sunday, June 12, 2016

Multi-Sockets Surge Protector

I received the 14-Outlet 4-USB Multi Sockets Surge Protector through a promotion. 

Product Info:
  • 6.5' retractable power cord
  • On/Off Switch for each layer
  • Fireproof ABS plastic
  • 3 prong plug-in
This multi sockets surge protector is a nice outlet and usb surge protector for areas where many items need to be plugged in at once. 

When I opened the package with the surge protector, I had forgotten that the power cord was retractable. I was really confuse trying to find where the rest of the cord was. The retractable cord makes it easier to have the surge protector sitting by an outlet without having the cord in the way or causing a trip hazard. If the outlet is higher up on the wall, the surge protector can still sit flat on the floor. The plug in for this surge protector is a three-prong plug. 

The cord can be retracted by rotating the top portion of the surge protector. 

The surge protector was taller than I expected it to be. It is twice as tall as my water bottle when it's sitting on a flat surface. The surge protector usually sits flat, except for when it's on my bed. 

There's four layers to the outlet. The top three layers have the outlets. The bottom layer has two outlets and four usbs. Each layer has a power button that allows you to turn on and off the power to that layer. It helps make this surge protector to be more power saving. There is a LED light indicator on each layer to show if the power is on with that layer. The light is bright. 

Each of the outlets and ubs plug-ins I tried seem to work fine. I wouldn't recommend having something plugged in to each outlet and usb port at one time, just to be safe. Although the surge protector is made with fireproof ABS plastic, too many items plugged into one power strip could cause issues with the outlet that the surge protector is plugged into. There is a overload protection on each switch. If power is over, the switch will shut off. 

- Power to each layer has on/off button
- Long retractable cord
- Outlet and usb port options
- Overload protection
- Fireproof plastics
- Over-heating protection

- Bulky

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