Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hands Free Dog Leash

I received the Hands Free Dog Leash through a promotion by Family Bulliez. 

Product Info:
  • Goes around waist
  • Adjustable in size (26" to 48")
  • Stretchy and sturdy bungee leash
  • Reflective material
This hands free dog leash is comfortable to wear and is holds up well.

I was a little worried at first to see how sturdy and well this leash could hold up. The leash did impress me.

The waist area is easy to adjust. The waist can be adjusted to 26" to 48". It's made to fit adults. The buckle seems like it'd be the most fragile or the area most likely to come undone, yet I could pull on it with as much force as I could manage and it wouldn't come apart. I have not had it come undone when walking my dogs no matter how much they pull on the leash.

The bungee portion of the leash reminds me of a paracord. It's sturdy and holds it's shape well, yet it's also stretchy and allows movement. The only issue I have with the length of the leash is that it can be a trip hazard if the pet walks beside you or hangs back.

I did notice that if the hooks are put to the outside and the dogs pull on the leash, it could cause your hip to be yanked in a certain direction. It could hurt or cause injuries over time. If the hook is placed in the front, it balances the pulling to the center and reduces stress on the body.

- Sturdy
- Reflective material on leash
- Adjustable waste 
- Bungee leash
- Hands free

- Leash can be trip hazard 
- If hook isn't centered, could cause stress on body 

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