Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Happy Circle Cat Toy

I received the Happy Circle Cat Toy through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Ground & Air Prey
  • BPA free plastic
  • 10" x 10"
  • Allows for chasing and swatting 
This cat toy can be fun for any young or active cat. The toy allows them to chase or swat at their prey. Most of which can be done with the cat laying or sitting down. Others may be more active with this toy.

As fun as the cat toy looks, the quality did disappoint me. When I hear a product is made with the "highest quality," I expect the entire product is made that way. I felt like some parts of this cat toy wasn't made completely with the highest quality materials.

The base of the cat toy is okay in design and colorful. The holes on the top make it easy for cats to get their paws in and play with the ball. The openings on the side is big enough that the ball can pushed out of the ball track.

The ball is just two different colors of hard, cheap plastic glued together with beads inside.

The white mouse on the spring is really cheap. It feels like a thin plastic that's shaped into the body of a mouse with white fuzzy fabric over it. Even the tail is just a thin strip of fabric that can easily be pulled out of the body.

The spring is thicker and bounces back to the upright position. I tried bending the spring with my hands and found that if I bent or folded the spring in half, the spring wasn't as sturdy as it looked. The spring went back to the upright position with a slight kink in the spring. But then I noticed something that really bothered me about this product.

The spring was leaving silver flakes of paint on my hands. Why would I or any other consumer want a toy for our pets that would end up flaking paint and having them ingest it? Not to mention if a young child got a hold of the toy flaking paint...

- Colorful
- Holes on top for paws to fit through to get to the ball
- Ball rolls around in track nicely

- Mouse is cheap
- Fabric (such as the tail) of the mouse can be pulled apart
- Ball can be pushed out of track
- Ball is cheap
- Spring flakes silver paint 

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