Friday, January 1, 2016

LED Finger Gloves

I received the Flashing Finger Lighting Gloves through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Flashing LED lights (Red, Blue, & Green)
  • Takes 2 CR2032 batteries (One per glove)
  • Several flashing light modes
These gloves are fun to use and dance with. They're gloves that would work for entertainment and fun, not for warmth or protection. 

The gloves are stretchy and seem to fit like a medium sized glove. These gloves would be too big on younger kids, but may fit teenager, young adult, and older adult's hands. The age group who would enjoy these gloves the most seem like it would be kids, teenagers, and some young adults, yet the gloves would be too large for smaller hands.  

The battery compartment is inside of a pocket located on the inner parts of the gloves. The pocket is secured by velcro to help keep it shut and to keep the battery inside. There are tabs that need to be removed before use of the gloves.

The on button is small and easy to press. The on button is located on the back side of the gloves. To switch the modes or to turn off the gloves, you must keep pressing the on/off button. To turn off, you must go through all of the flashing light modes. 

The different modes can change the speed and which light is flashing. There's red, blue, and green LED lights inside of the glove. The lights are attached by a wire, which feels weird in the gloves. One is still able to bend and move their fingers with the wires.

I would highly recommend not getting these gloves wet, especially when wearing them.

- Fun
- Bright lights
- Several flashing modes
- Replaceable batteries 

- Wires feel odd when gloves are on
- One size doesn't fit all

Check out these gloves on Amazon.

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