Thursday, November 19, 2015

Snug Baby Monitor

I received the Snug Baby Monitor through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Wireless 
  • Audio & Motion Detection 
  • Works with SnugCam App 
  • Movable rotation by App or motion detection 
  • 2 way audio 
The Snug Baby Monitor has good instructions to help you set up the camera. The monitor is easy to set up with the router and powercord. It works with the SnugCam App, which can take more than 10 minutes to connect it. The ID and log in information is located on the bottom of the monitor.

Once the monitor is set up with the App, one can connect the monitor using wifi to make it wireless. Using the wireless setting makes the camera quality more pixelated and delayed. The better lighting in the room with the monitor, the better the video quality is. It's not HD quality video. This camera doesn't work for all types of wifi. It worked on mine, but it doesn't always load right away.

The App allows you to set up motion or audio detection with the monitor. This will cause the monitor to follow the motion or audio. The monitor will also save a video of what set off the detection. The video will be saved in the messages portion of the app. Any photos taken with the cam will also be saved on the app.

The app allows you to adjust lighting, contrast, audio, etc of the monitor. The app also allows you to talk through the monitor from your phone or device. The audio is slightly distorted or unclear.

The monitor is nice, but the app is a pain. The app is always running in the background on your phone, wasting data, ram, and battery life. Even when the monitor is turned off, the app is still running.

- Motion/Audio detection
- Video rotation
- 2 way audio

- App is always running
- App can be difficult to set up
- Doesn't work with all WIFI routers

Check out more about this monitor on Amazon.


  1. Nice Blog! Well most of your content and image is original and informative. /many thanks for sharing this, cheers.

  2. This looks great, I would have loved something like this when my two were small. It must give you that extra peace of mind with the issues you are facing at the moment.