Wednesday, November 25, 2015

MyDog Pet Hair De-Shedding Tool

I received the MYDOG Pet Hair De-shedding Tool through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Shedding blade
  • Shedding rake
  • Gel comfort handle
The dual grooming tool works well for helping take care of my pets' hair. This shedding tool works great for toy, small, and medium sized dogs. Larger ones would take a quite a bit of time to go through their hair using this tool due to the size of the blades and rake. 

The grooming tool has a very nice handle. It's the right size for a natural and comfortable hold. The gel is squishy and soft. It helps create a non-slip hold as well. The only issue I have with the gel handle is that it collects pet hair. Using soap and water helps remove pet hair from the surface of the handle.
My dogs have medium to long hair. They shed a lot due to being a Pomeranian and Shih Tzu mix. Most de-shedding tools do not make them stop shedding, but helps limit the amount of hair they do shed.

This tool helps them shed less as well. My dogs weren't big fans of the blade because the blade tends to pull on their hair. They don't like any de-shedding blades my family has tried.

The rake side of the brush was a different story, which surprised me a lot. Usually, my dogs want nothing to do with wired or metal type brushes. It must feel sharp or strange on their skin. The rake on this brush has very smooth and rounded ends. It doesn't scratch or irritate the skin. This was actually the first wired/metal type brush that I've found that they actually like to use.

- Rake has rounded, smooth ends
- Helps reduce shedding
- Comfortable handle
- Nice plastic covering over de-shedding blade

- Handle collects hair (but is easy to wash)

Check out this product on Amazon.

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