Monday, November 2, 2015

Automatic Soap Dispenser

I received the Ohuhu Automatic Soap Dispenser through a promotion. 

Product Info:
  • Infrared sensor 
  • 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • Wall mount 
  • One button operation for turn on/off
  • 3 level output (low, medium, large)
  • Can dispense: liquid soap, shampoo, shower gel, disinfectant 
  • Holds 16.9 oz or 500 mL
  • Avoid direct sunlight to infrared sensor 
The Ohuhu Automatic Soap Dispenser is fairly easy to set up and use. The soap dispenser makes it easy to get soap onto your hands or dishes to clean without touching any surfaces beyond turning on the water. Once the Automatic Soap Dispenser is set up, it's simply turning the dispenser on and placing your hand or dish underneath.

The dispenser takes 4 AA batteries to run. The batteries needed wasn't described or shown with the instructions or on the device. The give away is the size of the battery spaces in the compartment. The compartment is easy to open and close.

The base to catch the soap or to use as a wall mount is a bit trickier to get on. The base doesn't just snap on. When I tried just snapping it on, the base got stuck with only one end piece being in place and the other sticking out.

There is a key that goes to this base to unlock and lock the dispenser to the base. The key didn't fit for me right away. The key opening was not lined up the right way. I had to fight with it for a few minutes before I got it working properly.

If you're using the base as a wall mount, I highly recommend leaving enough space for you to get the key in to the base to unlock it from the dispenser. This way, if you when you have to change out the batteries, you won't have to fight with the base and dispenser so much.

I usually store the key under the metal lid that can be slid off at the top of the dispenser, near where the cap is for the soap. There is enough room to keep the key there, so the key doesn't get lost.

The soap dispenser is able to hold 16.9 oz or 500 mL. The opening to put soap into the dispenser is located under the metal opening that can be slid off on top of the dispenser. The screw top lid does not completely seal. It can leak if the dispenser is tipped or knocked over. The dispenser doesn't work right if you use water mixed with soap. It must be a gel or soap like texture to get it to work properly. When I tried it by mixing soap with water, even a little bit of water made the soap dispenser mostly put out water rather than soap. It didn't mix well. If you try to shake it to mix it, soap leaks out and goes everywhere. Shower gel, liquid soap, dishsoap, and shampoo works with this product.

To turn on the dispenser, simply push the black button for 3 seconds to turn on or off the dispenser. Red light indicates that the dispenser is turned off. Green light means it will dispense.

The infrared sensor is not to be in direct sunlight or it can mess up the sensor. Lighting can cause the dispenser to put out soap, whether or not there is a hand or dish in front of the sensor.

- Hands free
- Easy to turn on
- Holds 16.9 oz of soap 

- Leaks / Can be messy
- Key to base could get lost
- Base can be a pain to unlock
- Infrared sensor may go off due to lighting (may dispense soap randomly)

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