Saturday, October 24, 2015

Awakenings Ebook Review

I received the Awakenings E-Book by J.E. Shannon through a promotion. 

Book Description:
Evie Shepard’s nightmare begins when she finds herself buried alive, with no idea how she got that way. As she struggles to remember what happened to her, she begins to notice changes about herself. Her senses are heightened, her movements are quicker, she is incredibly strong….her heartbeat has stopped. It’s then she makes a disturbing discovery. She wasn’t buried alive. She was murdered. Somehow she has come back… And she wants revenge
I've read a lot of different paranormal books before, but this creature, this thing that Evie had come back from the dead as is something I haven't read about before. This paranormal creature that I was unfamiliar with fascinated me.

The way the book started out with Evie being buried alive drew me in right away and freaked me out a bit. The way it was written made me feel like it was happening to me. I'm not one who likes small spaces, so the thought of buried underground with little room to move and trying to dig a way out creeped me out. I wanted to know more right away about what was going on with Evie and why she was in the ground.

Evie didn't remember a lot of what happened to her or her family, but she did remember her name. That's probably what saved her when Patty saw her on the side of the road. Instead of going to the authorities, Patty took Evie to her son, Ethan. Ethan's a private investigator working on the case that overlaps with what happened to Evie. Evie may have the answers that Ethan needs to find what he's looking for. Lots of obstacles came in the way for Evie and Ethan to get the answers they're looking for. Ethan needed to crack down on the human trafficking. Evie needed to find her sister. Some of these obstacles were predictable, others were not.

The characters in this story is what made me like it so much. Evie is a strong willed teenager who is determined to protect and find the ones' she loves, such as her sister. Ethan has been trained in his youth that helps him with his private investigator work. Bo is Ethan's partner. Bo's fun loving and very humorous. I loved reading Bo's and Evie's banter. Other characters along the way are quite quirky.

I truly enjoyed reading this novel. I really hope this is a beginning of a series because I want more. I really want to know what happens between Evie and Ethan in the future.

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