Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Wax Flameless CAndles


I received the Real Wax Battery-Powered Flameless Candles by Ohuhu through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Each candle takes 3 AAAs (not included)
  • Remote control works up to 20 ft (battery for remote included)
  • 2 Lighting modes
  • 12 Different colors 
  • Size of candles: 3", 4", and 5" 
The Ohuhu Wax Flameless Candles are very fun to use as decor pieces or to add a little light to a dark room or area. 

The candles feel like they're made out of wax, which they are. The feel of the candles is very slick and leaves a slight oily or wax type feeling on your hands when you touch them. The wax candles can get dirty easily. The sizes of the candle help give a variation in appearance and makes the candles look well if they are together or separated. 

The battery compartments are at the bottom of the candles. Each compartment was easy to open and close. The candles all took 3 AAA batteries each. That's a lot of batteries, which is probably my biggest issue or disappointment with the product. Most of the batteries go in fine. I had 2-3 of them that got stuck on the edge or spring that I had to push down more than the others. It made me slightly worried that I'd break the springs or battery compartment, but it held up well. Be careful when sitting down the candles. If they are knocked over or put down too heavily, the battery compartment does pop open. It's an easy fix. 

The on/off switch is also on the bottom of the candle. The switch is easy to turn on or off. If you switch on one candle, then hit the "multi-color" on the remote and wait a bit before turning on the next candle and hitting the same button, you're able to have each candle going at a separate color when it's changing. You can also make two the same and one different. It just depends on when you turn them on and hit the "multi color" button.

There's 12 different colors on the candles. These colors include red, green, navy blue, orange, lime, light blue, beige, sky blue, lilac, blue, light pink, and purple. The colors are fun and help create a mod or atmosphere. 

The remote includes 2 different color modes. Hitting the "mode" button allows you to switch between the modes. The modes include a solid color or a flashing candle. The flashing happens with a few quick flashes and then a slow one. It's not as quick as a strobe, so it's not as likely to give a headache if you watch the flashing candles too much. At times, one, two, or all three candles with be a flashing candle. To change it, just hit the "mode" button a few times. If you hit the "mode" button when the candle is on the dim side of the flashing candle, it will make the candle stay at that dim mode at a solid color, so you're able to change the brightness by clicking "mode" to turn the flashing candle on, and hit the "mode" button again to stop the candle on the desired brightness level. (Once you click multi-color, the brightness will go back to the default setting.

The candles also include a timer. There's a 4 and a 8 hour timers. It's great for nightlight for kids. The longer you have the candles on, the more energy it'll take to use them. 

The light in the candle is small. It doesn't really give off heat or get hot while it's on, even if the candle has been on for hours. 

- Colorful
- Works with many decors
- Nightlight for children
- Light doesn't get warm
- Several modes and colors

- Takes 9 batteries total
- Wax gets dirty easily

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