Friday, September 25, 2015

Ohuhu Bag Bungee

I received the Ohuhu Black Bag Bungee through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Made with microfiber, elastic strap, and plastic locker
  • Straps a bag to wheeled luggage suitcase 
  • Hand wash
  • Product dimensions: 8.6" x 5.1" x 1.18"
There's been many times when I travel by plane that I have my luggage, backpack, and my purse.When I'm traveling by car, I tend to have even more bags. They're a pain to try to carry all at once. If I have a shoulder bag, it tends to slip down my arm. 

This bag bungee allows me to strap those troublesome bags onto my luggage. It saves me from that headache of trying to juggle additional bags. 

The bag bungee doesn't come with much instruction unless you look on the images on it's Amazon product page, but it's pretty easy to figure out if you don't pay attention to the logo. The logo is upside down and backwards. It doesn't affect how the actual product works.

The buckle clip goes onto the small handle at the top of the luggage. The way the buckle is connected to the strap's fabric is a pain. The female part of the buckle stays flat on the fabric and is difficult to mess with because there is a hard plastic piece underneath it inside the fabric strap. The male part of the buckle is easier to deal with unless you're trying to unbuckle it. It doesn't come unbuckled easily. I could pull on the straps and try to separate them without them coming apart. It holds well. The strap that's connected to the male part of the buckles can be adjusted. Be careful if you loosen it too much. The strap can come out of the male connecting part of the buckle because the end is thinner than the space on the buckle. It slips out pretty easy if it's too loose. 

The bungee cord on this product is very stretchy and durable. The clip piece on the bungee cord that can tighten it's hold on the bag strapped to your luggage is strong. It doesn't slide much unless the button is pressed to open up it's grip. The button is small and is a bit stiff. 

The idea of the bag bungee is great. The design of the product needs some adjustments to improve how well it secures a bag to one's luggage. The strap coming loose is a major draw back. 

- Helps secure a second bag to your luggage
- Frees up your hands
- Bungee cord is durable
- Bag bungee is adjustable in size 

- Difficult buckle
- Strap on buckle can come loose/fall out
- Designed upside down and backwards (when looking at logo)

Find out more about this product on Amazon.

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