Monday, September 7, 2015

BetterCourse Lunch Bag

I received the BetterCourse Insulated Lunch Bag Kit through a promotion. 

Product Info: 
  • Includes insulated bag and two containers
  • Containers are leak-proof, microwave ready, and dishwasher safe (top rack only
The BetterCourse Insulated Lunch Bag is made with nice, water resistant material. The material feels durable and won't rip or tear with normal use. 

The handles are nice to hold and comes with a longer shoulder handle if one desires to use that. The clips for that shoulder handle are sown are nicely and will hold up if the lunch bag is filled and heavy. 

The insulation on the inside of the lunch bag is also made of very nice material. The insulation doesn't crinkle or make nose when it's rubbed. It's not the type of material that will eventually tear after several uses. This insulation will hold up. 

The insulation will help keep your lunch cool for several hours. I'd still recommend putting an ice pack or two (depending on the ice pack size) in the lunch bag to help keep your food cold.

There's also mesh pockets to be able to fit in condiments and utensils into the lunch bag without them getting lost within the bag. The pockets are there for easier storage and grabbing of the items stored. It helps keep you from having to dig within the bag, depending on what you all have within the lunch bag.

 The two containers that come with this lunch bag is made with nice BPA-free tritan plastic. They're dishwasher safe if placed on the top rack and they're easy to clean. There's not a lot of small areas that food can get stuck in these containers.

The containers are also microwave save, so it makes heating up food while using this containers very easy. You don't have to switch the food into another container to heat it up.

The containers have plenty of room to fit your lunch in. The bigger container would be able to fit a sandwich in and still have room.

These containers do work for liquids, such as soup. The yellow part on the lid is a seal that helps keep the containers from leaking. As long as all four sides of the clips are down to seal the lid into place, the container will not leak.

I tested how leak proof the containers were by placing a small amount of water in the containers, closing the lids, and shaking the containers. No matter how hard I shook the containers, they did not leak. The only time they leaked was when I flipped one of the clasp up that hold the lid into place. Then it finally leaked a small amount.

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