Monday, September 7, 2015

Assault Water Gun

I received the 31" Assault Rifle Single Nozzle Pump Water Gun through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • 31" in length 
When I received this water gun, I was excited to try it out. Sadly, the gun fell short of my expectations. I had several issues when my niece, nephew, and I were trying it out. 

The white hose that is to attach to the gun and stick in the water tank doesn't stay put. It kept falling off the gun while we were trying to use it. Getting the hose out of the water tank and back on the gun was a struggle. The hose barely fit the gun, so no wonder if kept falling off. 

I filled up the water tank and put the gun together in the hose. Bad move. I noticed fairly quickly that the gun leaks. The water tank doesn't screw on tightly and will pop or do that skip when you're turning it on the gun. It'll just keep twisting and twisting and twisting and never get tight. The gun leaks near the water tank and near the nozzle. 

The tank doesn't stay on either. The water tank is very heavy compared to the rest of the gun, that it'll fall off during use. My nephew, being younger, had a hard time keeping the gun held up and the water tank to stay on. 

 Even with the issues the gun had with leaking and staying together, my niece and nephew and fun attacking each other with the water gun. It was a good thing it was hot out that day. They chased each other around for awhile, although they had to stop several times to try to put the gun back together.

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