Monday, September 21, 2015

40 count Marbles

I received the 40 Count Marbles through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • 40 Marbles with 1 bonus Shooter Marble 
  • Great for marble games or home decor
  • Includes velour flocked bag with drawstring cord
  • Assortment of colors and styles
I haven't played a marble game in years, but these marbles remind me a lot of the marbles I used to play with. The size is very similar. The shooter (larger) marble is also a similar size to the one I used to use. 

I don't play marble games anymore, but I do love using marbles to decorate with. I like putting them in jars or some type of glassware to use as a decoration. 

The marble colors that I received is a variety of blues, greens, and clears. There was also one or two yellow or tan colors in the mix. Each one has a different shade or tone of color, yet they stay true to the color theme. The colors were perfect for me. I love different tones of blues. The greens and clears help make them pop. 

The marbles were smooth. No chips or chunks were missing. The marbles I got didn't have anything inside of them or any designs to them, yet they were still very pretty. 

The bag that comes with the marbles works well to store the marbles. The double drawstring cord is long enough that you could tie a bow with the cord, similar to tying a shoe, to help keep the marbles inside. The bow holds well, even with holding the bag upside down and shaking it. None of the marbles fall out. 

The marbles I got have a great color scheme to them and work well to use as game pieces or as decorations. 

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