Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Top-Loading Yoga Mat Bag

I received the Top-Loading Yoga Mat Bag by Ziraki through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Fits most large size yoga mats
  • Canvas bag
  • 28" long
  • Comes in other colors (green, lilac, pink, and blue)
  • Lightweight 
I had expected this yoga mat bag to fit snuggly around the yoga mat I had. The bag is bigger than I had expected it to be, which is great. The bag fits perfectly on my yoga mat with plenty of room left over. The extra room could be used to store clothes, towels, essentials, water bottles, etc. 

The bag is made of a thin canvas material. It's thin enough that it's very lightweight, flexible, and foldable. It's not too thin that it would snag or rip. 

The handles are stitched on nicely and made to hold some weight to it, so putting some water bottles or yoga blocks in the bag would be safe. The handles have enough room that you could put the bag on your shoulder, like a purse, or carry it by your hands. 

The zipper is nice and quiet. It zips well with no snags or catches. 

This yoga mat bag is great for taking your yoga mat with you to the gym, to exercise, or just storing it in the home. 

Check out this bag on Amazon.

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