Friday, July 17, 2015

IPhone 5/6 Light Up Charging Cable

I received the Light Blue iPhone 5/6 Light Up Charger Cable through a promotion. 

Product Info:
  • 3.25Ft in length
  • Lights change color 
When I first received the light up cable, I was impressed with how heawvy duty the cables seems. The cable is a thicker cord that won't break or bend as easily. 

I love the look of the cord. It's different than other cords I've tried. It's fun and adorable.  
The light up part of the cord changes colors. I love to use this cord during the day with the changing color lights. It's fun.

It's not a cord I like to use at night. I like my bedroom dark, and the lights are too bright. 

The lights don't cause the cord to get too hot or over heat if left charging a long period of time.

The cord is a decent length. It's 3.25Ft long. It's not as long as most cords I prefer to use, but it's still usable and preforms well. 

Check out this cable on Amazon.

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