Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Flexible Cutting Board

I received the Flexible Cutting board for Non Slip Chopping by Kichin through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Non-slip surface grip
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Flexible 
  • Microwave and freezer safe
  • Reversible
  • Juice grooves on one side 
  • Made with silicone
When I first received the flexible cutting board by Kichin, I was pleased that the cutting board was thicker than I had expected. I couldn't really tell in the pictures how thick the actual cutting board was. I was worried that it'd be thin and flimsy. 

The only part that feels slightly flimsy is the handle. Although, it's no where near the point of being able to be ripped or torn. It's just not a place that's stable to try to hold it by with food on it to carry or move. If a person would carry the board just by the handle when there's food on the board and carrying it across the room, the board wouldn't hold up well since it's flexible. If someone is picking up and carrying the board while there's food on it, it's safest to hold it by the middle or with two hands. 

The rest of the board feels firmer than the handle. The board feels stable and sturdy. I could bend my board without it breaking, tearing, or staying bent. It would go back to it's original shape. The silicone the board is made out of is very nice. It feels very heavy duty. I tried using a dull knife on it at first, which it didn't leave a mark on the cutting board. I then tried one of my sharper knives. It didn't even leave a scratch or indent. 

I like that the cutting board is reversible. It allows bigger areas on the one side to have it be flat, while the other side has the juice grooves in it to prevent spilling or dripping. It's certainly a cutting board I'd use to cut juicy fruit. I tried pouring a bit of water onto the cutting board in the middle. Due to the weaved line pattern on the cutting board, the water would move towards the juice grooves without spilling out or running onto the counter. The water had to be within the same spot for it to move into the juice grooves slowly. Otherwise, the droplets would just stay put. 

I love the flexibility of this cutting board. It's stable, yet flexible enough to make me feel confident and comfortable knowing my food isn't going to end up on the floor or counter if I pick up the cutting board to put my food into a dish. The flexibility mixed with the juice grooves makes this a perfect cutting board to make fruit salad. I love fruit salads that are juicy. To me, it adds or enhances the flavors with the juices from the fruits being in there. The cutting board allows you to chop up the fruit without losing it's juice. You're able to pick it up and have both the juice and the juice go into the bowl.

The only issue or concern I have with the cutting board is the weaved line pattern on the cutting board. It's on both sides. It's useful to help hide any scratches or gives you lines to try to line up with and it helps move any liquids or juices into the juice groove. I'm just concerned with the pattern when it comes to cleaning up. In small crevices, food or liquids can get stuck and be difficult to fully clean. Although, the line pattern isn't deep enough to get food stuck within the lines permanently. It's mainly when the food gets dry or is in the process of drying that it's hard to get off. If the cutting board is washed, rinsed off right away, or soaked for awhile, it should help make cleaning the cutting board easier. 

Learn more at Kichin or check out this product on Amazon.

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