Friday, April 24, 2015

KUKPO Can Opener

I received the KUKPO Can Opener through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Large turn handle
  • Stainless steel
When I first received this product, I was a bit nervous with how well it would work. I've ordered and bought different can openers that said they were high quality and they didn't work well. I had never tried a KUKPO can opener before this one. 

I was very pleased with how easy and well this can opener worked. 

The disk to cut open the can worked smoothly. I didn't have to back track any of the times I've used this can opener. It cut through the can with ease. The cutting disk lined up with the cans very well. The size and style of the can didn't really affect how it worked. 

The handle is large and easy to turn. It feels comfortable to hold and use. The size of the handle makes the can opener easy to turn without having the hand cramp from trying to use force to turn the handle.

The stainless steel handles are thick and easy to hold in a comfortable position. They're not to heavy either.

The can opener can be washed in water with mild detergents.

This KUKPO can opener is truly high quality.

Check out this can opener on Amazon.

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