Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Speed Jump Rope

I received the Speed Jump Rope from Bella Naturals through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Lightweight
  • Helps with speed
  • Allows you to burn more calories with increased speed
  • Can help improve cardiovascular health (Jump rope exercises
  • Made with ball bearings that connect handle to rope (Helps increase revolutions per minute)
  • 4 high-grade metal ball bearings (handle to rope)
  • Cable is 10ft long and can be adjusted. 
  • Comes with nylon bag for storage 
The first thing I noticed about the jump rope is that it was very light weight. The cable feels like you're just picking up a string. It's smaller and lighter than my dogs' dog leashes. 

The ball bearings in the handles that help connect it to the rope do help make it move quickly. It allows the handle to spin with the rope without having it twist or turn in your hands. 

I love how easy this cable can be adjusted. With being 5'4", the 10 foot cable is too long for me. At first, I wondered what the circle part with the screw was for at the end of the rope. I tried spinning the screw and realized that it was to help hold the handle where you wanted it. It was very quick and easy to adjust. 

With adjusted the cable to my height or desired length, there was excess cable that stuck out past the handles. That wire kept butting me, so I decided to pull on the end pieces to see if they came off. They did! It made it easy to cut the cable and put those end pieces back on. No more annoying excess cables for me!
There was only one thing that bothered me about this jump rope. I didn't like the handles. They are small and help keep the rope lightweight, but the handles are uncomfortable to hold for long periods of time. They started to make my hands cramp due to their size and lack of cushion. Plus, the sweatier you are, the harder it is to hold.

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