Monday, March 9, 2015

Bluetooth Celfie Stick

I received the Bluetooth Celfie Stick through a promotion. 

Product Info:
  • Helps up your selfie game
  • Strong mount that you can move and tighten into place
  • Connects to phone with bluetooth
  • Shutter button is on the handle
  • Comes with charging cord 
  • Extends about 3 ft. 
First thing I noticed with this selfie stick was that it was apart when it arrived. The stick was very easily accessible. All parts can be tightened to ensure that your phone does not drop or fall out. 

The part that holds your phone is screwed in at the base. 

To ensure that the base is tight onto the stick, there is a spinning wheel that is attached to the screw. Spin until tight.

This tab stretches to allow you to put your phone in with a tight grip.

Sadly, my Android (Samsung Galaxy 4) does not fit in the clamp when it's in the otterbox. The clamp is a few centimeters too small. The phone does fit without the case on, which makes me nervous. iPhones, since they are thinner, shouldn't have a problem even when in a case. My iTouch fit perfectly, which is a similar size to the iPhone 5 and has an otterbox case on it. Even with the case, there was still room to spare.

This tab is located on the side of the stick at the base of where your phone is. This tab allows you to tilt the mount with your phone to any desired angle you want. Make sure you tighten this back up or your phone may drop or wiggle on the mount.

This allows you to get the perfect angle you want.

Angling the mount with this tab and extending the length of the stick allows you to get a different perspective or view in the photo each time.

The nice thing about this stick is that there is no extra remote to carry around. The stick can be bluetooth connected to your phone. The shutter button to take the photos is located on the handle.
To turn on bluetooth, slide the switch into the "On" position on the bottom of the celfie stick handle. The charging port is also located at the bottom of the handle.

Be sure to shut off the bluetooth to avoid wasting battery when it's not in use.  

I was a bit nervous trying the celfie stick out, which you can tell in the photo. I was afraid my phone would drop since it was not in it's case. With it being an Android and having an otterbox case, it was just a few centimeters too big for the mount. The amount of perspective and distance the selfie stick can get is very nice. I was impressed with how far back you can see compared to a normal selife.

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