Monday, March 2, 2015

Digital Luggage Scale Bundle

I received the Digital Luggage Scale Bundle through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Crisp and clear display with blue backlight
  • Digital scale
  • Lightweight
  • Can weight up to 88Ibs/40kg 
  • Comes with zipper combination lock
The scale seemed very light weight when I received it, which is good. It allows you to bring the scale with you when traveling without adding too much weight to your luggage. 

The scale is a digital scale with big number reading and a bright blue backlight to help see the numbers. 

To test the weight of the luggage, un-clip the strap and re-clip it on the handle of the luggage and lift. 

The scale is an accurate reading. I tested out the scale by measuring an empty luggage set. I first measured the luggage by weighing myself with it on a scale and then myself separately. This gave me an idea of how much it weighed. I then weighed the luggage with the scale. The readings were within a pound or two of each other. 

The zipper combination lock is very small and doesn't have much for a hook. It's not one I would use. The scale works great though. 

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Find more info on the scale here

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