Sunday, December 28, 2014

5-in-1 Phone Charger

I received the 5-in-1 Home and Car Phone Charger from RIF6 LLC through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Car charger output of 26 watts (3 ports)
  • Car charger can charge 2 tablets and 1 smartphone at full speed (at the same time)
  • Car charger compatible with all standard cigarette-lighter sockets
  • Includes: 2 dual USB wall chargers (max output 2.1 amps), one 3 port black car charger (max output 5.1 amp), and 2 micro USB 2.0 data cables (3 ft long)
When I first received this product, I was not expecting high quality cords. I had expected those small cords that are easily broken. Instead, which I'm very happy about, the kit came with thick cords that are heavy duty. They don't bend easily at either end, so it helps reduce breakage. I just wish the cords were a little longer. Three feet is good for close up distances or a few feet away. For where I charge my phone at night, it's too short to reach my bed. I still enjoy using the cords throughout the day by my computer or work stations. 

I never had a wall charger that had dual USB ports. I was amazed at how quickly it could charge two devices at once. It didn't overheat the charger or the devices either. It worked great. 

I've had a car charger with dual USB ports before, but it always made my devices hot when charging and it was very bulky. I was pleased to find that the car charger in this kit was smaller and didn't overheat or run hot. 

Overall, I believe the 5-in-1 charger kit by RIF6 LLC has high quality and works great. Makes charging multiple devices super easy without having to use up all the plug-ins. 

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