Wednesday, April 20, 2016

MeasuPro Tens Unit

I received the MeasuPro Ultra Quiet Handheld Electronic Tens Unit through a promotion. 

Product Info:
- Portable
- Takes 3 AAA batteries
- 2 Lead wires
- 4 electrode pads
- Provides pain relief and massages muscles 
- Adjustable intensity levels and speeds

The MeasuPro is a pretty decent Tens Unit. It's better and more intense than I expected the unit to be.

The device is an okay size for traveling and portability. I wouldn't carry this device in my purse because it takes up more room than I'd like it to, yet it's something I wouldn't mind taking with in an overnight bag or suitcase for when I'm away from home a longer period of time.

There's two lead in wires and outputs for them. It's nice to use on two different locations, but it's not possible to have one a different intensity than the other.

The massage, knead, and beat all feel good to me. The automatic feature for certain areas, such as the shoulders, joints, legs, and others allow for the 3 modes to be used in a pattern together. Manual allows for one mode to be selected at a time.

The intensity levels surprised me. I was expecting to be able to make it up to at least 7 or higher on the Tens Unit. I could only stand up to intensity level 4. The device is much more intense than what I had figured it'd be.

I was a little disappointed in how quickly the pads loose their stickiness. Wetting them can help get them to regain some of their stickiness, but be sure to let them dry fully before using them again.

- Intensity levels range from weak to very strong
- Automatic & Manual modes
- Speed options
- Two lead in wires & outputs

- Can't have the two outputs have different intensity levels
- Pads loose stickiness after a few uses

Check out this Tens Unit on Amazon.

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