Sunday, January 10, 2016

Nail Art Brush

I received the Nail Art Brush through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • 8 piece set
  • Easy to handle
  • Durable
The Nail Art Brush set is nice for those who enjoy doing nail art. 

The different sized brushes allow for various designs and creations. 

The larger brushes work well for line or larger type designs.

The smaller brushes are nice for thinner or more detailed type designs.

The thin metal brush works well for dots, small details, and helping spread nail polish.

The brushes are easy to clean after use. Using soap and water if the polish is still wet helps remove it from the brushes. If the polish is dry, nail polish remover usually works.
The handles of the brushes are easy to hold and use.

I don't normally do nail art, since doing my right hand is difficult for me. The brush set is still nice to use on other people or having them help me with my nails.

I found that the brushes were durable. I tried pulling on each brush metal piece and the handles to see if they'd come apart. I found that the glue didn't budge and it held well.

The brush tips are soft and stay together well. None of them were frayed or loose.

Check out this brush set on Amazon.

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