Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Tree Storage Bag

I received the X-Large Christmas Tree Storage Bag through a promotion. 

Product Info:
  • Durable and tear-proof material
  • Water resistant 
  • 65" long x 15" wide x 30" high
  • Protects from dampness, soil, and pest 
  • Heavy duty reinforced handles

The X-Large Christmas Tree Storage Bag works great for storing Christmas Trees or other products, such as bedding, clothing, blankets, camping supplies, etc.

The tarp like material is thick and durable. The material feels like it will not rip or tear easily. The material helps protect the products inside from getting wet or dirty. It's great for when moving or storage.

The handles are sturdy and won't give in or tear under pressure or weight. The handles are flexible and comfortable to hold.

The Christmas Tree Storage Bag is so large that it can fit a 9 foot disassembled Christmas tree and additional decorations into the bag.

This x-large bag is great for storing products, whether it's a Christmas tree or something else.

- Size
- Durable material
- Water resistant

- Strong tarp smell (Fades over time)

Check out this bag on Amazon.

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