Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

I received the Digital Tire Pressure Gauge through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight
  • Helps promote safe driving (Correct tire pressure)
  • Small for easy storing
  • Back bluelight for easy reading
I was surprised at how lightweight the Digital Tire Pressure Gauge by Federico's Car Care is. I was expecting something heavier. The size and weight of the gauge makes it great for storing and traveling. It can easily fit in a glove compartment or in some emergency kit in the trunk. Some place it won't get lost, yet is near by in case it's needed. 

Having the correct tire pressure is important for safe driving and to get the proper gas mileage for that vehicle and those tires. Keeping track of the tire pressure or checking it every once in awhile helps promote the health of your tires. 

This tire gauge makes it quick and easy to read what pressure your tires are at. There's different units of measure, such as psi (which is what my family and I normally use), bar, kpa, and kg/cm2. 

The LCD lighted screen makes it very easy to read the numbers on the reading. The lighted nozzle allows you to see where the nozzle is connected to the tire. The nozzle light helps you check the tire pressure under low lighting or during the night. 

To use, simply turn on the tire gauge by pressing the black button. Unscrew the cap on your tire and line it up with the nozzle. When I was testing the gauge with my dad, we had to tilt the gauge a bit to get the air flow to be able to get a reading on the tire pressure.

Once you get a reading, you can move the nozzle away from the tire and screw the cap back on the tire. If you press the black button, the different readings or units will also provide a reading.

To shut off, simply press and hold the black button for a few seconds.

The one thing that stood out to me is that there is no place to charge the digital tire pressure gauge or a battery compartment that one could easily switch out the batteries in case the tire gauge would ever die out. Although, it would be possible if you unscrew the back and figured out what type of battery it takes.

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