Sunday, August 23, 2015

Taylor Bluetooth Smart Scale

I received the Taylor Bluetooth Body Fat Smart Scale through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Uses SmarTrack App (free app) on Android and Apple products
  • Works on devices with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher 
  • Tracks weight, body fat, body water, and muscle mass 
  • Can be viewed on app through data or chart forms 
  • Can be conntected to others apps (myfitnesspal, RunKeeper, and mapmyfitness)
  • Scale has a calorie feature that calculates maximum calorie intake needed to maintain current weight
  • Supports up to 8 profiles/users
  • 11.8" x 11.8" durable, tempered glass platform
  • Dual-line 3" x 2" readout 
  • Switch read of Ibs or kgs 
  • Takes 3AAA batteries (included

When I first opened the Taylor body scale, I didn't think it came with batteries because I couldn't find them. I had expected them to be loose in the box or attached to the scale some how. I happened to look over at the cardboard that helped protect the scale and found the batteries taped to one of them. 

The scale does take 3 AAA batteries to run. The battery compartment is on the backside of the scale. It's easy to find and open. The battery compartment does have images indicating which direction each battery is suppose to face. 

The size of the scale is perfect. It's not too large where it's taking up a lot of room. It's also not too small where my feet would be falling or hanging off the edge. The 11.8" x 11.8" platform is an excellent size. 

The scale connected to with my phone and the SmarTrack app with ease. Although, when I hit the connection button, it changed the unit reading to kg. I was so confused when I started up the scale the next time to see it reading out differently. I didn't realize I changed the unit reading as well when I connected the scale. I hit the unit/connection button again to change the reading back. It did not unconnect the scale from my phone when I hit the button again.

The app's layout is easy and user friendly to view. I prefer reading the data using the chart form to see my previous weigh-ins to my current one.

The scale reading was in large number or letters. It was easy to see in the readout screen. The scale reads out body fat percentage, current weight, maximum calorie intake to maintain weight, muscle mass, and body water. The scale allows you to set up 8 profiles. Setting up even one of these profiles was frustrating to me because it wouldn't let me set it at first. It kept just reading out the profile rather than blinking to where I can reset or set the info. While setting up a profile, you're able to set up a weight goal (which during the read out it'll tell you the goal weight difference from your current weight) and you can set up how athletic you are.

I loved the weight goal difference reading. It was fun see how far off or how close I was to reaching a goal.

One of the times I flipped the scale back over, the rubber piece on the floor stands came off. The sticky part got stuck to the floor. It was easy to peel off the ground. It was still sticky, so I stuck it back on the stand.

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