Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Gadget Monkee Selfie Stick

I received the Gadget Monkee Selfie Stick through a promotion. 

Product Info: 
  • Compact Design (Foldable cradle)
  • Wireless bluetooth design (Pairs with Android and iOS devices)
  • Ranges in size from 7.2" when folded and 32" when extended 
  • Made with pvc material, stainless steel monopod, and rubber anti-slip grip handle
  • Comes in pink, blue, or black colors
  • 270 degree rotation 
First thing I noticed about this selfie stick was the compact design. I love that the cradle is foldable. It makes storing the stick so much easier! I can fit it in my purse without it taking up too much room. 

The turning knob allows you to adjust the angle you wish to have your phone at with the cradle. If you're phone is in the cradle, I highly suggest locking it in at an angle, so it doesn't flop down and fall out of the cradle. The cradle holds onto a phone quite well, but it's better to be safe than sorry. 

The cradle has a great anti-slip rubber piece that helps hold onto the phone and also helps protect it from getting scratched from the metal underneath the rubber piece. The cradle is able to hold onto my Samsung Galaxy S4 with it's bulky outerbox case on it. 

This selfie stick is bluetooth enabled, which I love. It beats having to plug in the selfie stick to your phone.

You can charge the selfie stick using a USB charging cord, the same ones that can charge an Android phone.

The selfie stick doesn't really have an "on/off" button. The button with the camera on it can be used to turn on the selfie stick. Just press the button and a light will come on on the button. To turn off, press and hold the button until it flashes quickly and goes out.

To connect to bluetooth, use the camera button on the selfie stick. The light will do a slow, steady flash when it's scanning or searching. It'll be listed under the name "GadgetMonkee" when you try to connect it to your phone or device.

The selfie stick can go from 7.2" when folded down or 32" when fully extended. It's light weight and easy to hold. Although, sticking a heavier phone or device in the cradle will make it more top heavy.

The selfie stick works well to take quick pictures. There is a slight delay between when you press the button on the selfie stick to when it takes the picture. Usually about a second or two delay, nothing major.

As to my knowledge, you're not able to take videos with this selfie stick. I tried, but it wouldn't work. The selfie stick does focus if you press and hold the camera button on the selfie stick.

Overall, it's a nice quality for a selfie stick. It's easy to use. The handle is a non-slip grip. The stainless steel extendable part is sturdy. The cradle can extend to hold bulkier phones and cases.

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